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 Intro (Big Bang)

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Intro (Big Bang)   Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:19 pm

Music is my savior, when i was young, where I'm from people didn't get out, people just sat on the corners hustling for years, no sense of hope, just an addiction to survive off other peoples addictions, so i made music mine, him right there, he ran the spot, you couldn't make no money without seeing him, and them right there, well, they work for him, you see a lot of faces just come through and just disappear , not because they move up, mostly because they either dead or in jail, music saved my life, it kept me inside, it brought me home early, it kept me in the right place at the right time, so i dedicate this album to music, music is my savior...LET'S DO THIS!

Ever since my birth they thought i was cursed been through the worst but i found a road, not knowing that eventually they would mention me as the next hot thing to blow, not only that, I'm coming from a place where they literally expect mc's to pop, they say New York got buried in the game so i guess I'm tha nigga to bring it back on top, yes sir this is the year no looking back lets make it clear, I'm on the map, wanna know where the futures at? well your looking at him right here, first place please slide to the rear as i make my way up, one-six-four to the bill boat, in the end gotta make em pay up, now pay us, switch and owe us some familiar now you know us, so on top of the chain see your ceilings is a flow us and we building even more now the futures looking pretty, so in love with the game the futures looking pretty so in love with the game I'm about to build a city and call it hip hop, ain't no stopping it its the brand new metropolis, we set the trends crystal started acting up now the world start poppin' cris' we bought bands in the picture mention phantom on the track, drove they sales up and witnessed the intensity of rap, its a wrap
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Intro (Big Bang)
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